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    When it comes to baby carriers – it really is not easy to choose one. It´s an item on the list of your baby gear, but it´s also something you are actually wearing as a part of your outfit.

    The Tigers Tale Collection by Sasha Ediger is designed for the modern trendy Mums – and Dads! The collection is produced by the Great British brand Rose and Rebellion.


    The design:
    For the exclusive collection I wanted to create a very special patterns for a stylish modern Mum – something you would really love to wear. I sought my inspiration for the carrier in our beautiful nature and transfered tigers and flowers into a combination of dream and reality.

    I also think my stay in Japan when I was a student had an influential impact on the development of my style.


    The details:

    • Age: 3 month to 4 years
    • Weight of the child: 3.5kg – 20kg
    • Weight of the carrier: 450g
    • Fabric: 100% Cotton
    • Way to carry the baby: Front or back
    • Extra features:
      . Little hood to support the head when baby is asleep
      . padded shoulder straps and waistband

    Every carrier is reversible, so you can go for a colourful or plain black side depending on your mood. Dads might like the black side a little bit more.


    The carrier:
    I used the carrier a lot for my son Felix myself – and can only recommend it.

    I found it really

    • comfortable for the baby
    • easy to put on
    • and easy to care for

    Whether you are carrying your little one to meet friends in town or enjoying some tranquillity on a woodland walk this carrier is proof that style and comfort can go hand in hand.


    Tigers Tale Collection is available in five designs.
    Winged Dream . brown // grey // yellow
    Tigers Tale . brown // grey

    Tigers Tale Collection by Sasha Ediger // Rose and Rebellion


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    Comments for A very special baby carrier for trendy Mums

  • Miranda

    The collection looks amazing!


      Thank you very much!!!

  • Ingrid Kruse

    I’m really sorry that my babies have all grown up. I would have loved your carriers more than the things that were available in those “olden” times. Perhaps you can design something trendy for grannies?! – Oh no, it isn’t worth the trouble. We oldies will hobble along…


      Thank you very much! Would love to design something you could use – let´s see what client is coming next. Some funky illustration for the grown ups would be a great thing to do!

  • Ayano

    When I have a baby, I will order one from you!

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